We just shipped ConterPilot 2.0!

ContainerPilot is the open source container micro-orchestrator makes it easier to build and run Dockerized applications by managing the lifecycle of the application inside the container.

We had originally named it Container Buddy, which was fun and cute, but this release fixes that naming error.

The motivation to build ContainerPilot comes from experiences many of us have had in managing applications and the work that needs to be done when they start up or shut down, and how to handle things when the applications misbehave.

It’s a replacement for the bash scripts so many of us have been shipping in our containers, including those I used in my demo of CouchBase.

Learn more from the recent online meetup and Tim Gross’ Container Summit session on it.

Containerpilot logo with public domain background photo.

Containerpilot logo with public domain background photo.