Triton and Manta client tools updates

Client tools and documentation are often overlooked details necessary for customers to adopt and use a product. That’s why I’m excited about the velocity the team is achieving.

Justin Reagor has recently rolled out a number of updates to the Terraform provider for Triton. Just has also been busy with ContainerPilot releases. Separately, Tomas Celaya has been rocking the Java Manta SDK, has just added support for Manta in Cyberduck.

At the same time, Colin Ihrig and Wyatt Preul have your go-to details on Node.js 9 and upgrading to the Node.js 8 LTS release. Wyatt and I joined up a while back to talk about using hapi, Seneca, and InfluxDB with ContainerPilot.

Much earlier, but still worth noting: Prometheus support in Triton at the inaugural PromCon. And Wyatt Preul on ContainerPilot at Nodevember.